Curriculum Vitae

GONDA, Michel Jean Victor
Born: August 28th 1955
Nationality: Belgian
Attorney at law licensed in Belgium, France and Germany
Independent Arbitrator and Mediator

Avocat à la Cour

Boulevard Saint-Germain, 222
F-75007 Paris
Tel.: +33 (0)1 42 60 04 31
Fax : +33 (0)1 42 60 04 55

Avocat – Rechtsanwalt

Boulevard Saint Michel, 11
B-1040 Brussels
Tel.: +32 (0)2 737 01 40
Fax : +32 (0)2 737 01 56


French: Mother language
German: Working language
English: Working language
Dutch: Good knowledge
Spanish: Basic knowledge


-          1973 Graduated from the Royal Athenaeum Thil Lorrain in Verviers Belgium

-          1974 Graduated from Chula Vista High School, California USA 

-          1976 State University of Liège Belgium: Bachelor Degree in Law

-          1976 University of North Carolina in Charlotte: certificate in US Foreign Policy

-          1979 State University of Liège Belgium: Master Degree in Law with honors

-          1983 Albert-Ludwigs State University of Freiburg-in-Breisgau - Germany: preparatory course for the admittance examination at the law faculty

-          1985 State University of Liège: post graduate course on EU Law and Intellectual Property Law
Additional Education Related to mediation:

-          1996 WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organization), Geneva :Training Program on mediation in intellectual property disputes

-          1997 WIPO, Geneva: advanced workshop on mediation

-          1999 WIPO, (liaison office) New York: advanced workshop on mediation

-          2001 Harvard Law School: advanced workshop on mediation

Additional Education Related to arbitration:

Regular attendance to colloquium organized by ICC/Paris, CEPANI/Brussels, DIS/Germany, UNCITRAL/Vienna, WIPO/Geneva


-          1979-1983 Legal training at the Liege Bar - Belgium

-          1981 Assistant researcher at the State University of Liège – Labor Law faculty

-          1983-2007 Member of the Verviers Bar - Belgium

-          1986  Training at the Versailles Bar - France

-          1989 Registered as attorney of another EU member state at the Aachen Court Germany Part-time associate of the “Walter Esser und Partner” Law firm - Aachen

-          1990 Admission examination at the Court of Appeal Bar in Paris - France

-          1995-2007 Substitute presiding judge at the Torts’ Court in Verviers - Belgium

-          1992 Elected Speaker for the Annual Bar Opening Ceremony  “About disobedience ”

-          1995 Chairman of the Young Bar Association

-          1995-1998 Member of the Bar Council of Verviers
-          2005-Present Member of the National Committee for Mediation (Ministry of Justice) and Chairman of the section Civil & Commercial Mediation (elected by the Assembly of the Bars’ Chairmen  National Assembly)

-          2005 Founder and member of « Intermédiation » Centre for Alternative Dispute Resolution of the Chamber of Commerce of Liège,Verviers,Namur and Eupen - Belgium

-          2006 Founder and member of the French-German Commercial Dispute Resolution Service at CMAP (Chamber of Commerce of Paris/France and Chamber of Commerce of Hamburg/Germany) 

-          2007  Member of the Brussels Bar - Belgium

-          2008-Present Initiator and Scientific Director, Professor and Trainer of the Training Program on commercial mediation at the Business and Management Executive School of the State University of Liège - Belgium - Post Master class

-          2011-2013 Member of the jury – Presiding Arbitral panels at the PreMoot of the Annual Willem C. Vis International Arbitration Moot at the University of Hanover Germany

-          2012 Chosen by the National Parliament to be arbitrator for child sexual abuse

-          2012 Member of the Paris Bar - France (Brussels affiliation is maintained)
Professor at the Academy of the National Bars Association – Alternative Dispute Resolution Methods
Professor at the Law School for Attorney-trainees of the Bar Association of the Court of Appeal of Liège: Arbitration-Mediation-Conciliation-Expertise-Adjudication


« Handbuch der Internationalen Zwangsvollstreckung », Manual for the enforcement of German judgments, arbitral awards and other injunctions in other countries, Co-author, Edited by Recht und Praxis, Kissing , 1994 ;

« Arbitration of Intellectual Property Rights», AIJA Congress, Washington DC 1995
Also published in French in the legal revue « Les Annonces de la Seine » (Paris 1995, n°74) ;

« Mediation of Intellectual Rights, the WIPO experience » Congress of the center for Mediation of the Liège Bar, Edited by « Editions du Jeune Barreau » (1999) ;

« Commercial Mediation: Proposition of a theory for the process of mediation: Hermes at the disposal of the parties », Congress of the Namur Lawyers/Belgium, Edited by: La Charte 2000 ;

«The role of the counsel of a party to a mediation / conciliation » in « The management of the relationships at work», Edited by Kluwer 2006.

« Responsibility and liability of the lawyer acting in another function as attorney i.e. as legal guardian, trustee, board member, arbitrator or mediator » Congress of the French & German speaking National Bar Association, Edited by Bruylant – Larcier 2007 ;

« Specificities of the mediation in labor relationships »» in « Mediation » Edited by Anthémis, 2008 ;

« Law and Practice of Mediation », Jean Cruyplants, Michel Gonda and Marc Wagemans, Edited by Bruylant 2008. (First complete handbook in Belgium about the law and the process of mediation).

“Arbitral Awards” contribution to a review by CEPANI of Procedural Awards with commentaries –  Arbitra - 2015

“De l’autre côté du conflit: La médiation» (“On the other side of the conflict: The mediation»),  JF Bachelet, E. Battistoni, F. Bayard, R. Brahy, B.Castelain, Ph. Dambly, M. De Decker, F. Duchesne, M. Gonda, A. Mosian, J. Mostinckx, F. Oudin & D. Vrancken
Edited by Anthemis 2013                                                                                                                                       


-          2003 Speaker at the colloquium of the National Parliament for the analysis of the various bills on mediation

-          2004 Appointed as expert by the Parliamentary Committee on Justice about the bill on mediation (hearing at the Parliamentary Commission)


-          Member of the Brussels Bar
-          Member of the Paris Bar
-          Extraordinary Member of the National Union of German Attorney at Law
-          Member of the panel of arbitrators and mediators of ICDR (the international section of the American Arbitration Association)
-          Member of CEPANI (Brussels) – The Belgian Committee for National and International Arbitration & Mediation
-          Member of DIS (German National Committee for Arbitration – Cologne Berlin) 
-          Member of CMAP (Center for Mediation and Arbitration at the Chamber of Commerce of Paris) 
-          Former Member of BBMC (Brussels Business Mediation Center) 
-          Member of the Belgian-German Lawyers Association
-          Member of the Alternative Dispute Resolution Committee at the National Bar Association
-          Regular Attendee of the UIA World Forum of Mediation Centers